A fitness lifestyle is understood to be a daily workout and nutrition regimen that makes it possible to improve your aerobic capacity, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body makeup. There are many reasons for one to build up a fitness center but I think 3 are particularly significant:

1. Enriched Health and Reduced Risk of Infection. Following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), two out of every three Americans are obese and forty are clinically obese. This obesity is prevalent across the U.S… As of 2009, 49 states had obesity prevalence rates of over 20 percent (Colorado is the only exception). The amount of young men and women that are obese has more than tripled since 1980. That is because, at least in part, of a lack of exercise. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), less than half of Americans get the recommended level of exercise (approximately half an hour of moderate physical activity on most days). 25 percent of people never exercise in any way.

This has important consequences for our health as there’s an immediate connection between a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and lots of deadly diseases. Especially, obese and obese men and women are at a higher risk for hypertension, obesity, higher cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, some cancers (endometrial, colon, and breast ), sleep apnea, and respiratory issues. A 2005 study from the CDC and the National Institutes of Health reports that obesity kills over 100,000 Americans annually. As a result, the best advantage of a fitness lifestyle is enhanced health and possibly longer life.

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2. Improved Work Performance. Yes being fit and healthy might enhance your job performance, and save you and your company money. In a 2005 study reported by ACSM, researchers found that if employees used their company fitness center, they had been more effective and got along better with their co-workers. Tests for psychological and interpersonal performance in addition to the ability to handle output and time demands were higher on exercise times. Additionally, other studies have revealed that corporate exercise plans might pay off in reduced health care costs, absenteeism and anxiety, and higher morale and productivity.

3. Increased Emotional Well-Being. Some studies show proof that individuals who exercise experience less depression, anger, distrust, and anxiety compared to people who don’t exercise. Additionally, people living in a fitness center often experience enhanced mood, improved self-esteem, increased personal satisfaction, improved body image, higher energy, and improved confidence in their physical skills.

Fitness Lifestyle

Well, really she was indeed she did. She was a machine! Not only did she never miss a day at the gym, but she also trained HARD. Whenever I left my office and took a stroll through the gym, she was up there pumping away with what she had. She told me that her diet was the strictest it had ever been in her entire life and she did not cheat in any way. I thought of her. And it began to show, fast.

Every week she popped in my office to have her body fat measured again, and each week it went down, down down. Consistently she lost three-quarters of a percentage per week – well above the normal rate of fat loss – and on two different occasions, I recall her losing a full one percent body fat in only seven days.

Someone conservative might have said she was overtraining, but when we weighed her and calculated her lean body mass, we noticed that she had not lost ANY muscle – just fat. Her results were simply exceptional!

She was ecstatic and needless to say, her success bred more success and she kept after it like a hungry tiger for the full fourteen days.

On week twelve, day seven, she showed up in my office for the final weigh-in and body weight measurement. She had been sporting a pair of formerly tight blue jeans and they were FALLING OFF HER! “Look, look, look,” she repeated giddily as she tugged at her waistband, which was several inches too big.

As I took her body fat, I need to say I was impressed.

During week twelve she dropped from 18 percent to 17% body fat, for a total of 10% body fat lost. She surpassed her aim of 19% by two percent. I was even more impressed because I’d just seen a handful of individuals lose that much body fat in 3 months.

You ought to have found her! She began hopping up and down for joy like she was on a pogo stick! She was shining… smiling from ear to ear! She almost knocked me over as she jumped up and hugged me -“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”