Dealing with the aftermath of smoke or fire damage in your home may be difficult. Paint peels and chips away, leaving a thick oily residue that adheres to the walls like a permanent marker, and everything seems to be coated in a film. While cleaning up a smoke-damaged home is a nightmare, particular crucial steps are taken to cut down on the amount of money and time spent doing so.

Smoke Damage Cleanup Tips

Your action plan will be more successful if you are more prepared for what is ahead. More information about the steps to take while dealing with smoke and fire damage are as follows.


Start by wiping the soot off any wood surfaces with a dry chemical sponge if your furniture may be preserved. Don’t scrub too hard since you want to grind the smoking participles farther into the wood grain. Then, carefully wipe off any wood surfaces using a cotton towel and a 14 cup oil soap solution (or wood cleaner) in a gallon of warm water. To remove the tenacious soot from the wood, steel wool may be necessary. After removing all of the soot, wipe the furniture with a damp cloth and allow it to air dry.


Wipe down the walls and ceiling to remove any easily removable surface residue. Then dissolve one tablespoon of TSP in one gallon of warm water. Wear rubber gloves, a face mask, and goggles if possible. After that, the sponge may be used to wipe away the damaged components in small pieces.


You will need to re-rinse the walls with water after using the cleaner to eliminate the residue. If you have drywall, be careful not to oversaturate it with water since this may cause damage and lead to mold growth. If necessary, you’ll also need to address any issues, such as chipped and peeling paint or bubbling wallpaper. If you have wallpaper on your walls, you may need to remove it and start over.


Before you can get rid of the smoke odor, you must first remove the soot from your fabrics and carpet. Vacuum the areas that need to be cleaned. Brush attachments should be avoided because they tend to force dirt and soot deeper into the cloth fibers. You may deodorize the affected areas once you’ve cleaned the soot. Because home remedies may only cover the stink for a limited time, hiring a professional may be the best solution.

Hire Experts

If you have substantial soot or smoke damage after a fire, contact a fire damage restoration service. Cleaning and deodorizing walls and furniture is a complicated task that should be left to professionals. It may have been more cost-effective to employ a professional after you have acquired all of the required equipment and spent your own time trying to fix the damage.


It may be a time-consuming and challenging task to repair smoke damage to your home. Before going on this expedition, carefully assess the conditions and prepare for the endeavor. If you’re still undecided, hire a local expert to do the work for you.