Family pets, like people, can benefit from regular health evaluations with the doctor. Even if your animal partner is young and seems in great condition, taking them to the vet frequently is vital for keeping them fit for many years to come. Here are the reasons it is required to take your pet to the veterinarian at least once a year:

Early Intervention and Preventive Care

Regular checks are the most effective technique to avoid diseases from occurring or identify them early before they cause damage. Your vet will take your family pet’s temperature level, weight, pulse rate, and respiration rate throughout the see. They will also scan your pet dog or cat for any disease signs and run blood tests to ensure that your animal’s internal criteria are within normal limits. Taking your animal to the doctor for a health screening is vital for finding health problems early on. This permits them to act faster and provide a more effective treatment.

Lower Your Pet’s Silent Suffering

Animals are genetically programmed to hide their fragility. They intuitively comprehend that exposing signs of illness or weak points makes them susceptible, making them prey for predators. That is why, in the interest of self-preservation, they are fantastic at camouflaging their discomfort. Indications are often seen after family pets are unable to conceal them any longer. Wellness evaluations and pet dental exams are the most reliable strategy to minimize your family pet’s silent suffering. Your veterinarian is certified to recognize even the most minute changes in your pet’s physical health. An eye examination, for instance, can spot inflammation or early cataracts. A dental assessment may expose unhealthy or sore teeth. Heart murmurs can be seen when the vet listens to your family pet’s heart– listening to your canine or cat’s lungs aids in finding wheezing or crackles.

When Should You Bring Your Furry Buddy to the Veterinarian?

It would be advantageous if you went to the veterinarian at tumwater veterinary regularly for a wellness test, depending upon your dog’s or cat’s life stage. From birth to one year, you should take your family pet to the veterinarian for vaccinations every couple of weeks. You can bring your pet in for neutering when they are about six months old. Around this time, your vet will likewise likely examine your pet’s training, house training, and socialization.

Depending upon the kind and breed of your pet, your vet will suggest yearly assessments for a head-to-tail evaluation each to 10 years. They will also evaluate heartworms and advise additional testing if they observe anything uncommon during the examination or if your animal has a health condition. For senior pet dogs aged 7 to 10 years or older, your vet will advise twice-yearly check-outs. Vaccinations will be kept up to date, and a thorough health examination will be carried out. This consists of screening techniques to monitor any current conditions.



The primary purpose of family pet wellness examinations is to keep them delighted and healthy. Do you want any possible health problems to be determined early so that your cherished family pet can live a much longer, healthier life? Visit a veterinarian today to get your pet assessed and to gather more information.