A couple of critical qualities of golden retrievers should be considered when thinking about buying one of these beloved animals. The major thing to understand is that this breed is a family pet. Although golden retrievers can live up to 15 years, the latest research study shows that canines normally die before they reach ten due to health concerns. So, what illnesses do you know are usual for this type of canine?

Common Health Concerns in Golden Retrievers

Most golden retrievers have some form of health ailment, which should be considered while dealing with your canine’s well-being. For that reason, a puppy needs to be bought from a credible dog breeder known for producing superior pups. If you can, take your pets to the vet regularly as often as possible. Younger patients get the most delicate health check. Give the optimum diet regimen, workout, and dog dental care. Preventive medicine avoids usual health concerns. For their health, it’s ideal to take preventative actions instead of waiting for a problem to occur. Below are a few of those common health problems seen in this kind of breed:

Hip Dysplasia

One of the typical illnesses of golden retrievers is hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a joint disease. This is hereditary and is related to joint inflammation. They tend to build up crystals in the joint cartilages resulting in joint inflammation, and this issue spreads out from this point on. Caution is recommended as this occasionally affects their muscles, and when this occurs, they can become immobile. In this case, some pet owners go for a spay & neuter clinic service due to this dog’s poor performance in stag.

Not being able to move makes a retriever depressed. Sadly, it is not possible to visualize every situation of hip dysplasia. Therefore, it is highly urged to look for a medical expert’s advice at this disease point. And it is also recommended not to give medications without a doctor’s prescription. 

Von Willebrand Disease

Von Willebrand Disease is a genetic ailment characterized by severe blood loss. This ailment is very complex and has something to do with the blood clot. Some canine medical experts suggest that asking the veterinarian about Von Willebrand instantly is a must since blood platelets clump together or blood clots. Unfortunately, this will result in easy and extended blood loss.

Eye Defects

The golden retriever also has congenital disabilities in its eyes. Hereditary cataracts are another common eye problem for this breed. They are also prone to CPRA, or “central progressive retinal atrophy.” This affects how the dog’s eye takes in light. The main sign of this disease is trouble seeing at night and in dim light.

Commercial food of poor quality is not suitable for the golden retriever’s health and nearly all other canines. You need to be aware of what you feed your dogs and the quantity of food you give to prevent overfeeding them. Soy-based products are not advised for golden retrievers. You can learn more about the eye problem of golden retrievers by visiting a dog orthopedic surgery website.


Like numerous other breeds, the golden retriever is at risk of multiple health issues that can harm its general wellness, character, and behavior. You have to pay more attention to their habits and health condition in this situation. You need to look for an outstanding and trustworthy breeder who will be honest and open enough to address your questions. You should also try to inquire about other wellness issues this dog breed has. If you are unsure about your pet’s condition, it is better to seek advice from a vet.